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Obesity is a common struggle for most families in today's day with many factors adding to the problem. Access to an abundance of fast, unhealthy food, and daily exercise becoming less rare are primary causes of obesity.

To change your long term weight you'll need to make changes to your behavior and eating habits and make changes that you can maintain over long periods of time.

Stuck In Bad Habits

There are things you do, and things you eat that are causing you to maintain a higher body weight than you would like. It's not an accident. There are always bad habits that cause you store too much body fat.

Getting out of those habits are the key to changing your life and health for the better. If you take a look at your environment, and your refrigerator specifically, you'll start to see the bad habits that are causing your weight loss frustration.

How many barrels of ice cream do you have? If you take an inventory of you pantry do you see an abnormal amount of cookies and sweets?

Changing those habits will determine your success or failure when it comes to losing weight. An unfortunate element of being overweight is you usually associate and spend time with other people that are also overweight.

You begin to enable each other, and continue the cycle of failed diets and frustration. You will need to make the hard decision to change who you spend time with, or ask them to help you make the lifestyle changes you truly desire.

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Unsustainable Diet Changes

A very common flaw with most diets and weight loss plans are that the changes are too extreme and not sustainable. It's always better to view your health and weight management as a long term goal.

The changes you make to your diet will need to be permanent to keep the weight loss off. If you lose twenty pounds, but return to your old bad habits all the weight you lost on your diet will return.

No one wants to go through the frustration of losing weight then watching it all come back. To avoid this you need to make lifestyle changes that can persist over time.

That's why it's always best to avoid extreme fad diets that may work in the short term, but are not a realistic long term solution. It can be hard to change your lifestyle, so you may want to approach your goal in steps.

Instead of wiping out all bad foods and bad meals, start to pare down the bad food over months. For instance, on the first month of your diet you could choose to limit or eliminate all the extra ice cream treats.

Your normal eating routine would remain intact but you would make that one positive lifestyle change. The next month you would examine and alter your fast food habits.

Approaching your weight loss goal in the step by step plan, makes the changes less drastic and easier to maintain long term.

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