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If you've gone days without getting a good night's sleep, you may begin to feel desperate to get some much needed rest. Below are some proven, helpful tips to sleep better.

Your Sleep Routine

We're creatures of habit and have an internal clock that tells us what we should be doing at specific times of the day. It's not just a saying, there is a chemical reaction associated with your behavior that helps you accomplish things.

When it's bedtime, there are hormones associated with you falling asleep. If you stick to a specific bedtime routine and schedule it will help you fall asleep naturally.

Getting ready for be at the same time every day, and waking up at the same time consistently will help keep your internal clock in tune with what you want to happen. Sleep.

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Habits That Negatively Effect Sleep

When you're desperate to get a good night's sleep it's important to limit or completely eliminate all behavior that prevents you from falling asleep on time.

Daytime Naps

When you're struggling to fall asleep, and are getting poor or inconsistent sleep it can feel almost necessary to take a daytime nap. You'll feel lethargic, cranky, and unproductive if you don't get some sleep.

Why not take a quick nap? If you can limit your naps to less than twenty minutes it's been proven to help you concentrate. Taking longer naps, however, disrupt your sleep schedule and will actually make you feel more tired after your nap.

Limiting yourself to quick, power naps, can be beneficial but avoid long day time naps if you want to sleep better at night.

Food and Drinks

Everyone knows that caffeine has a chemical effect on us that makes us stay awake, but there are also other foods that can have a similar effect. Eating chocolate or foods high in sugar can also disrupt your ability to fall asleep.

Habits That Help You Sleep

Sometimes all you need to get a good night sleep, is wear yourself out physically. A vigorous workout can reduce stress and expend all the energy you have, leaving you no options but to fall asleep right after your head hits the pillow.

It's important to keep in mind the time you exercise. Exercising too close to bed time can actually have a counterproductive result making it harder for you to get some sleep.

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