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Everyone goes through periods of life where they feel overwhelmed but not everyone knows how to reduce stress. There are simple ways to help control anxiety and tension that often accompany stress.


When most hear the word "therapy" they imagine themselves sitting across from a psychiatrist and telling them their problems. For some it feels too formal, and for others it just doesn't interest them.

While seeing a professional can be beneficial there are other forms of therapy that have been proven to reduce stress.

Getting a massage, sitting in a sauna, or soaking in a hot bath for thirty minutes will help your body relax and put you into a more comfortable state of mind. Your mind and body are connected more than you realize.

The physical therapy will signal your mind that it's okay to relax. It's a chemical reaction that isn't voluntary.

You can also get therapy in a more self-help fashion by writing what's bothering you in a journal. Don't edit or even worry if what you're writing makes sense.

Just let your thoughts pour onto the page and let your stress and worries leave your subconscious and escape into the open. You'll find writing about your problems will help you see your problems more objectively, allowing you to rationalize the situation.

You'll be better equipped to find solutions, and lower your stress at the same time.

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Change Of Environment

The most obvious way to reduce stress is to take a vacation, but not everyone has the luxury of taking a week off from their daily responsibilities. Either you don't have the money, or you don't have the time.

While you may not be able to fly off to Hawaii for a week, you can reduce stress levels by changing your environment. This can be as simple as spending more time in a different portion of your house, or taking a relaxing walk or drive through the country.

The important thing is to change your perspective. When you are stressed, you begin to associate your surroundings with how you feel. If you're stressed about money, then sitting at your desk and looking at a pile of bills contributes to your stress.

You need to change your environment, even if it's only temporary, to help ease your mind and relax.

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