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How can you help kids lose weight if all they want to do is stay inside watching tv or playing video games? Everyone, including kids, can get trapped in unhealthy habits that lead to weight gain.

You need to plan well, and make living healthy a family choice.

It's Not A Punishment

If your child has gained excessive weight telling them they're overweight, can create self image problems. If further complicates the issue if they are the only person in the household carrying too much weight.

If they are the only person struggling with their diet, needing to exercise more and eat healthier can feel like a punishment. If you acknowledge, and help them understand you're sharing the responsibility with them as a parent they won't feel alone. The burden is shared, and will be solved together.

They'll know you're on their side trying to better their life. It may take several talks, and consistent reinforcement on your part for them to start seeing how you're trying to help.

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Get Active With Them

When it comes to exercise, it's no longer as simple as saying "go outside and play". That may have worked several decades ago, but isn't part of the culture today. What they're immersed in, video games, online videos -- that's their culture.

You need to help them start new, healthy habits by joining them. Instead of telling them to get active, tell them you're going to do something together that just happens to involve some exercise.

The older your kids get the less they say it, but more than anything they want to feel loved and appreciated by their parents. Spending time with them to make sure they're exercising will help their health and your relationship.

Positive Association

Along the lines of helping your child understand it's not a punishment, they need to be given a positive association with new habits. When they hear "exercise" it has a negative connotation. It's what they hear in school when they're forced to run, or forced to do sit ups.

So create new associations. Instead of telling them they need to exercise, whip out some sports equipment and tell them you're going to the park to play some ball.

Make it fun.

No matter what activity you choose, make it fun. Keep it light, and be as silly as you need to be to keep them entertained. You'd be surprised how fast time goes by when you're dancing like a dork with your kid and laughing hysterically.

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